Agritopia Farms orchard mini

Saturday, NOVEMBER 2nd, 2019  

For a few lucky days per year the beautiful Agritopia Farms opens their gorgeous Orchard up for limited photography permits. I have secured one of those dates and will be booking Fall mini sessions there for one day only in November. If you haven’t shot there with me yet, this is the perfect time. The weather will be amazing, the setting is stunning and it’s local to all you East Valley peeps. Grab your mini now, they will go fast!


Your holiday mini session fee is $300 which includes tax and the location fees for this gorgeous fall backdrop in the heart of Gilbert.  Your mini session is 20 minutes long {note, that is 10 minutes shorter and $50 less than my traditional mini} and includes at least 20 fully edited images with an option to purchase more.  

Mini sessions are perfect for busy families but are also very fast paced and on a tight schedule, please be prepared to arrive early to ensure you get all the shooting time possible.  For those of you with younglings, a snack and drink will come in handy {nothing messy please}or sippy cup of wine for yourself if you should feel so inclined, heck bring me one too.  And finally, don't sweat the small stuff, let me wrangle and entertain your little people!  Remember, I have 4 of my own turds at home{5 counting daddy}and I most certainly know what an accomplishment it is to just get to picture day all alive and intact, let alone on time. Try and relax and have a good time, someday you'll laugh about it! 

Saturday, NovemBER 2nd


3:10-3:30PM - Available

3:40-4:00PM - Available

4:10-4:30PM - Available

4:40-5:00PM - Available

5:10-5:30PM - Available